19 February 2021: Graham Blanchette, LSIT #2653

Graham Blanchette

It is with great pride and much pleasure that True North greets its own Graham Blanchette who has successfully passed the National “Fundamentals of Surveying” exam and is now one of Maine’s newest Land Surveyor In Training, License Number #2653. This is quite an achievement! The exam is prepared by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES). The FS exam is a grueling 8 hour standardized national exam, heavy on mathematics and practical field surveying and passing it at all is quite an accomplishment. Graham has the distinction of having passed the FS exam on his first try. Good work Graham! Next stop? Full Licensure as a P.L.S.

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01 August 2018

Today the Crew is on site on an old woodlot in Waldoboro, setting monuments at corners, blazing the boundaries and painting the blazes with red boundary paint. A truly fascinating job where physical evidence in the form of remains of wire fence in trees showed us exactly where errors in the deeds we examined lie.

Scene from a survey

How many times has this happened to us- we do intensive research on a piece of property and then unexpectedly meet one of the people that owned the land we are learning about? Unexpectedly find them in a family plot on or near the property we are surveying. There is something bitter-sweet about this. We find the deeds they had drawn up, that they had signed and then we find them, in repose on the family plott sometimes after the remainder of the family has left the land behind for a hundred years or more.

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