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True North Surveying Services is here for you and we want to help, whatever your surveying needs. When looking for surveying services, you can help us help you by providing the following:

  1. Contact information including email, phone numbers and your U.S. Postal Service Address;
  2. A brief synopsis of your surveying needs and/or any relevant property issues;
  3. The property address;
  4. The property is taxed by the town, please give us the Map and Lot number by which it is taxed by the town;
  5. Deeds are recorded at the Registry of Deeds, please let us know the document number or the Book and Page where the most recent deed to the property is recorded at the relevant Registry of Deeds;

If you are purchasing property, your real estate agent can provide you with the information we are asking for. Providing us with the information listed above will let us give you an estimate for the services you require.

Thank you for contacting True North Surveying!

Mark Daiute
True North Surveying Services
PO Box 288
Newcastle Maine 04553

Telephone/Fax: 207-563-1757