Osher Map Library

H 73 x W 117 cm (H at widest part. W as curled, in natural shape, not extended)

Mark and Graham: I just discovered the Osher Map Library and it’s pretty cool. I’m working on a presentation for the Whitefield Historical Society on Old Whitefield Plans was looking for a rumored piece of the original so-called 1815 “Scammon Plan” of Whitefield. I was told to visit the Osher site. Searching on the term “Whitefield” turned up this gem:

Image 12519.0001

Still trying to decipher the cartouche. It is clearly a piece of the Scammon Plan, roughly centered on Weary Pond, an are you and I are intimately familiar with. The above picture is a limited resolution jpg I downloaded from the site. You can zoom right in on the online-version.

Another Land Surveying resource. Who knows what else awaits discovery in the Osher Map Library!