Welcome to True North Surveying Services

True North Surveying Services is a land surveying firm that was founded in August of 1995 and has been serving the communities of Lincoln County and surrounding areas ever since.

Mark Daiute & chief survey dog Leo.

Principle Mark H. Daiute, PLS, began his career in Surveying in 1979 and started surveying fulltime in 1987. For Mr. Daiute surveying combines several passions. A love for history and the land, an interest in new technology and the desire to solve problems and mysteries all drive Mr. Daiute. Aside from his family Mr. Daiute is most proud of his License to practice Land surveying in the State of Maine. Mr. Daiute served as chapter director for the Midcoast Chapter of the Maine Society of Land Surveyors and on the Executive Committee of the Maine Society of Land Surveyors from 1995 to 2005.

Wife and partner, Sheryl Daiute, served the legal communities as a paralegal specializing in real estate for almost 20 years. Besides being a mother of three boys and the stepmother of 2 adults, Sheryl brings her talents and expertise in real estate to True North Surveying Services as a researcher and runs the business with an iron fist. Sheryl is responsible for billing and receiving.

Project Manager, George Fergusson brings more than 20 years of surveying expertise to True North Surveying Services. George and Mark met on a project in April of 1979 and have remained friends ever since. Prior to joining True North Surveying Services George was a principle with Bills and Fergusson and the firm of Fergusson and Associates. During his tenure with Bills and Fergusson George surveyed the entire town of Wiscasset. George has been on the cutting edge of technology. His survey of the Town of Wiscasset was one of the first surveys in the area to utilize the then, relatively new, Global Positioning System we know today simply as “GPS”. “True North” is proud to have George aboard.

Graham Blanchette

Graham Blanchette

Graham Blanchette has been working at True North since Fall 2013, and is working towards licensure as a Land Surveyor in Training. He holds a B.A. in Anthropology and Geography from the University of Southern Maine. In his spare time he enjoys fly fishing, backpacking, and skiing.

True North Surveying Services provides all surveying services, from simple “mortgage inspections” to a site plans for multi-million dollar projects. At True North Surveying Services we believe that technology is a wonderful tool but in the end technology is there to help us understand the stories that deeds have to tell.


Mark Daiute has been a long distance runner since the age of 13 and achieved a lifelong dream, running his first marathon in 1994. He and Sheryl are both students of colonial history. Photographs by Mr. Daiute have been used for articles in “Muzzleloader” magazine and the book “Tidings from the 18th Century”. Mr. Daiute enjoys winter camping, hunting and fishing and the shooting sports.

After 13 years of study Mark obtained Shodan (blackbelt) in the Okinawan style of Karate “Goju Ryu” on May 9th 2015.

Most recently Mark crossed another item of his “Bucket List” with the help of George Fergusson when Mark and George went Ice-Boating on Clary Lake in Whitefield and Jefferson.

First and foremost Sheryl Daiute is a devoted mother of three young boys that keep her hopping. When not caring for the boys Sheryl enjoys counted cross stitch, reading, music and of course, Colonial History. The Daiute family can be found at historical re-enactments from Maritime Canada through New England and New York.


We welcome you to contact the members of the legal community in Lincoln County Maine for references.